Friday, 19 August 2011

Custard. And I don't care!

Hello my lovelies!! It's been the usual kind of week onboard Zulu - I've been ill (as usual) but at work every day, Mr LFCC has been up to his eyeballs (as usual) and the teenager has been making a mess (as usual) so there's been very little creativity actually physically happening which makes me sad.

I have however decided on the name for the new jewellery collection - not that I'm going to tell you what it is yet! lol! I will start making the designs up this weekend, plucking the images at random from my head where they've been fermenting and spreading their little tentacles for the last month or so.  I feel confident that they will be beautiful and can't wait to share them but I have ideas for the backing cards too and am determined to block my usual "squeal!! I have to share!!!" mentality until I can present them a fait a complit (no French people tell me off about missing accents, please!) as I feel that my little backing cards make a real difference to the feel of my jewellery.  I think they give you more of a clue of how they were conceived and the train of thought behind them almost.
I really hope that once I show you you think they're worth the wait!
There's been quite a few "when are you having your Christmas cards" emails over the last couple of weeks so I've also been thinking about them.  To cover all budgets and all levels of love (we don't all want to send lush crafted cards to someone we're obliged to send a card to, but we'll gladly send a gorgeous printed card if the price is right) I will be doing individual cards - crafted, and printed from my original artwork, and packs of both kinds too.  Watch this space. 
I can also custom make any item you see on the page to your colour/pattern requirements so if you're thinking of an LFCC textile goodies for someone special this Christmas let me know and I can personalise it to your hearts content! As I tranfser my own photographic and text images to fabric I really can make something exactly as you want it so have a ponder! ;o)
Right - enough - time for my instant custard. I don't care that it's not a proper lunch. I want it. It's Friday. I'm having it. Ner. (not sharing either!! mwah!!)
Lots of floaty love!

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  1. Enjoy your custard my floaty friend & have a lovely day (MWAH)