Thursday, 15 September 2011

Um... what season is it please??

I'd given up lamenting summer and started rejoicing in the change in colours that Autumn brings as the trees are already changing and shedding, and the sky seems moodier. But today I wake up and the sun's shining brightly, the grass seems greener again, and that dastardly wind has dropped that has brought down so many trees in our neck of the woods and just generally wreaked havoc!

I'm not SORRY it's a nice day but it's interupted my flow of autumnal (and Christmas!) inspiration and made me think all light and airy again!  For those fellow crafty types reading, does this kind of thing affect your work too?  I'm curious to see if those who aren't in such an "outside-ie" environment as as constantly affected by the environment? Would love to know your thoughts?


Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Pay it forward, floaty style!

I'm thinking about Christmas (I know, it's only September - but to be fair, you lot started it! I had all these emails about had I done my Christmas cards yet - in AUGUST! lol!) and thinking about how the best bit is watching someone open a pressie you carefully pick for them and KNOW that you got it right.
I'm very lucky in that I have so much love in my life, from my wonderful family who take such good care of me and extend such generosity, and from my friends who put up with me being unable to commit to anything until the last minute in case I'm not well enough to travel (or sit up) or cancel things at the last minute because of the same reasons.  But recently I discovered a new source of love; my fabulous floaty folks who come and keep me company on our facebook page at and are so thoughtful and caring even though most have never met me.  It's amazing.  I now have extra friends all over the world and they are real and honest and true and I can tell them when I feel bad, but more importantly THEY can tell ME when they're feeling bad too. I never would have expected that in a million years when I set up this little page at the beginning of the year.
I never thought I would cope with sharing my work with people either - that I would get excited even about doing that!  But there we are!

So what my rambling boils down to, is I want to say thank you, but I hope that I can help YOU say thank you to someone too. 

Once we get to 1500 lovely floaty likes on the facebook page I'm going to ask you to add a comment to this blog (can't do it on FB - against the rules - sorry peeps, I know it'd be easier...) about who you'd like to say thank you to (you don't need to tell me why, some things are personal and if they're worthy to you then they're worthy to me) and what kind of pressie you think they'd like from the following options:  a needlebook, a makeup bag, a collection of cards, a jewellery set. And any fave colours/styles that person would like. 

After one week (I will let you know cut off dates/times on the page) I will use a random selector online to pick one name from the list and get in touch with the nominator to sort out sending the pressie. It can be an annonymous gift, or I can explain that they were nominated by you (but none of their personal details shared!). If you want to shout about something fab that someone's done for you though that's absolutely dandy too! I don't want to pry though!  It could be something like someone makes you a cuppa without being asked, someone did something special for someone else you love, or just someone who's friendship or love means the world to you! It's completly up to you!

Now lets see how soon we can get to 1500 likes and get the ball rolling! ;o)
Lots of floaty love!