Thursday, 15 September 2011

Um... what season is it please??

I'd given up lamenting summer and started rejoicing in the change in colours that Autumn brings as the trees are already changing and shedding, and the sky seems moodier. But today I wake up and the sun's shining brightly, the grass seems greener again, and that dastardly wind has dropped that has brought down so many trees in our neck of the woods and just generally wreaked havoc!

I'm not SORRY it's a nice day but it's interupted my flow of autumnal (and Christmas!) inspiration and made me think all light and airy again!  For those fellow crafty types reading, does this kind of thing affect your work too?  I'm curious to see if those who aren't in such an "outside-ie" environment as as constantly affected by the environment? Would love to know your thoughts?



  1. As I was reading this the sun came out and my mood (as I sit here trying to motivate myself to do a cleaning spree) lifted immediately.. so yes, even us 'indoorsies' are affected by these frequent changes in season...and by frequent I mean that some days seem to include all 4 seasons in quick succcession causing my mood to fluctuate at an alarming rate! :)x

  2. Hi I found you on Facebook,I am your newest follower. So interested in your life on a river,and being out-doorsie. We live in southern Indiana and we live near a creek. Crafting is my life...along with my family which I work with daily.Look forward to stopping by again.