Monday, 4 June 2012

Going round and round on the carousel

We went to the Crick boat show today and really enjoyed walking around. There are always so many dogs there which is something we love but we don't take our Poops as it's a two hour drive each way for us to get from our patch of riverbank in Cambridgeshire to this village in Northampton.

We found some good bits and pieces and it was worth the drive, but the best bit was the old fashioned carousel we saw just inside the gates! I have visions of using the photos I snapped on my phone on some great textile designs and perhaps a few prints for the wall of the boat...

I love capturing stuff like this - the colours are so vivid that they work well transformed to sepia or black and white too, giving a whole load of options for including them in all kinds of creations.

We pootled off after taking these photos and my eagle eyes spotted a tiny sign for a tea shop and as Mr LFCC was getting peckish in we went. It turned out to be a tiny farm shop and petting zoo as well as tea shop so after a bite to eat we went to fuss the critters.  This was my first experience up close and personal with lambs and goats and I loved every second, falling particularly in love with one of the lambs who I shall remember as "Albert". He looked like an Albert. Definately. ! :o)
Mr LFCC was despatched to get baby bottles of milk from the farm shop and I had a gorgeous time with them all fighting over the bottles. Such a lovely happy feeling, fussing them all!

Then we made a slight detour from our drive home and stopped at a vintage style shopping court yard where we browsed some gorgeous stuff, caving only to an old cut glass perfume bottle which is looking so cute in our almost finished new bathroom onboard! The final detour was a visit to my mum for a hug on the way home!

All in all, it's been a pretty perfect day. I'm now roasting potatoes in duck fat, and a large joint of topside beef from the farm shop we found today. The sun is starting to sink over the riverbank and all is well with the world. What more could a floaty girl ask for?  What makes your perfect day? Have you been doing lots of Jubilee partying or staying home and making the most of time with your family??

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