Saturday, 1 December 2012

An early start, and a long haul...

We had an awful scare in the wee hours of the morning today; having had a kitten disappear last New Years we were so anxious when we heard a cat really squealing at about 5.30am.  Something was definately wrong! We had one of the kitties, Kevin, laying on the end of the bed but N'Eville, the little one, wasn't there. I instantly panicked and had visions of him having been hurt and not be able to come in to us, or having fallen in the marina and not been able to get out! 

I threw my dressing gown on and ran out into the frozen marina, calling his name as loud as I dared.  I could hear the plaintive meowing but couldn't work out where it was coming from as the water does funny things to how the sound travels.
I got so cold I had to come back in, just in time to do a swap with Mr LFCC who'd thrown on clothes and boots and was heading out the door with our German Shepherd, Joseph, who is N'Evilles bestest mate.
Literally as he walked out onto the back deck N'Eville came running in, bright and breezy, but had obviously been up to something as his eyes were all freaky and wide and his tail was all fluffed up.  I was so relieved that he'd come back in and he was ok that I gave him treats to reward him for coming when called, but I was so cross too that he'd worried us so much!

Cats... far more worrying that teenagers!

So after a really tough start to the day, we went back to bed for a while but sleep didn't come easily.  My brain had started ticking about the Christmas market I needed to prepare for (it's on tomorrow!) and all I needed to get done, and in addition we were moving marinas.  Quite a big day all in all!

But I got some gorgeous new projects created, a special custom jewellery commission made, and boxed, tagged and priced all my other creations ready for tomorrow. I made a huge slab of chocolate biscuit cake to share with all the visitors to my stand at the market too!  I might have accidently sampled a bit... just to be sure it was safe.. you know...!

This is some made for a fund raiser a little while ago! Tomorrow's are chunky blocks in muffin cases, nice and easy to eat!
Well, wish me luck - and I'll let you know how tomorrows market goes! Can't wait for my first real taste of Christmas for 2012 though!

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