Tuesday, 5 July 2011

It's like the M25 down here!

Living onboard our houseboat on the beautiful river Ouse is a relaxing and tranquil existance - just as well with Mr LFCC's very busy working life, my fairly busy working life and disastrous health  - but there are times when this stretch of river is a bit like the M25!
Our marina is next door to a very popular riverside pub that does fab food and has a huge garden so you can imagine how busy it gets, but the local cruising clubs all convene there, the hire boaters from Ely all head straight there, and the narrowboaters join in too as there's a big meadow to moor on.  We're also en route between Cambridge and Ely so you can imagine how busy it gets. It's lovely to see the happy boaters go past, and everyone waves and says hello.  Bit like when we're out in the campervan really now I come to think of it!
But come the colder weather we'll be out there cruising the inland waterways in peace with the other die hard boaters. If you've not cruised in the dark, or through the snow you haven't lived!  Ok, so you get a bit chilly but you'll have the fire roaring inside, a big stew in the oven, and plenty of hot water waiting to sooth your aching bones.. Have you ever taken something you do all the time and changed the scenario slightly? Where did you end up? I'd love to know!

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