Saturday, 4 June 2011

Big 500 giveaway!

I'm still slightly in shock that we've hit the big 500 - that five hundred people have actually clicked like on my facebook page ( and stuck around to see what I do.  Even more exciting, is that people that don't know me in the real world like my designs enough to order online and buy what they see on the screen, and then even come back for more! It doesn't mean any less that the lovely people that I count among my friends buy from my collection either - it's a real honour!

So with all this in mind, I wanted to give something back - but with the eclectic style of my collection it's hard to know what would go down the best! So what I've decided upon, is a choice of two items, and I would ask that you leave me a comment here on this blog as to which you would like, and give me a really good reason why YOU should be the lucky person who gets it! Mr W (him indoors) will then judge next Sunday lunchtime who wins!  I think this could be really interesting!!

Item 1: 
A set of three handstitched hangers, filled with french lavender, and beautifully detailed with Cath Kidston fabrics and all kinds of trim. 

Item 2:

"my blackened heart" french lavender filled hanger, on black satin tag.  A one of a kind unique piece, handstamped, appliqued and stitched by moi!

So let me know what you think?  Can't wait to read your comments! xxx


  1. I think it should be me, as according to my phone I am the first to comment. Plus Mr. World knows personally how smelly my husband is... I need all the help I can get! Also, i'm still in awe of Mr. W's Power. J x. Ps I love the CK pair.

  2. I think it should be me: why? because like item 2 I am also unique.

  3. ME ME ME ME cos I LUFF U!!!!!! And you keep me supplied with cards and I love everything you do!!!! xxxxx

  4. Don't know why it should be me over anyone else but I'll try most things once, including your competition!

  5. I like item 2 as I love butterflies,always checking into your page as you make some very unusual items. If I win then that would be lovely but I am just happy to comment as I am fascinated that you make all your lovely items aboard a wonderful vessel called Zulu xxx

  6. I'd like either, they are both lovely but as to why I should get one mmmmmmmm I'm a little stuck, so maybe just because :D xx

  7. They are both gorgeous but I choose item 2, I don’t deserve it I would give it to my mum for helping me out a lot recently x