Thursday, 10 March 2011

Fried potatoes and colslaw

I've been a very naughty girl. I just broke the rules and ate potatoe skins and onion and a little carrot - gorgeous creamy colslaw.... I was already having a flare up so I figured what the hell!

I've had a busy old week - lots to do and all sorts going on but last nights "chore" was really good fun. A friends husband asked me some time ago if I would make a birthday cake for her, and he really wanted it to have a doggy them as she absolutely adores their chocolate brown labradoodle, Bruno. He's gorgeous and I really wanted to do him proud so I made a big dark chocolate cake (no cocoa in there, just loads of really good quality dark chocolate melted in after it's cooled a little, just before you add the dry ingrediants) and decorated it with a chunky little fondant Bruno!

With a sparkling base, an edible ivory ribbon and bow, and a delicate row of edible pearls to give it the grown up touch I was really pleased with it and have been on tenderhooks all day today waiting for her reaction! Thankfully she liked it and I didn't ruin her birthday!!

So other things happening tonight: a drunk dog, a selection of internet installations, and a bit of sewing!

The drunk dog is actually a doorstop and he's cute as hell! You can see him on Facebook in the gorgeous page of Little White Cottage - I'm finding her designs REALLY hard to resist!!

I heartily recommend going and taking a look!

As I booked a table at a local fayre on Sunday 27th I think I ought to stop rabbiting and get crafting... We'll be at Wicken Village Hall from midday to 4pm and would love it if you came by to say hi!

click here for location and map!

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