Monday, 14 March 2011

We had a great weekend – sounds like bragging doesn’t it!? I had a proper “me” day on Saturday finding some great new fabrics from a gorgeous little shop off Cambridge Market - Callyco, and then discovered a Vintage Fayre in the Guildhall so I went to explore.
There were hundreds of teenagers packed in there; convinced that anything vintage is instantly cool and that £3 for a really rusty old door key is a bargain. Steampunk is great and I love it but I’m not going to fall for that!
After I’d fought my way through the throng of teens fighting over flowery frocks and headscarves I found a stall with the most amazing collection of up-cycled buttons. They weren’t desperately over priced so I gave in and bought a card of pale blue pearl buttons. Perfect to go on my Cath Kidston fabric sunglass cases for the craft fayre in Wicken in a couple of weeks! I love the idea of “up-cycling” and “restored” things being put to use while they’re still beautiful or stand the chance of being beautiful again. Too many things have been ditched because of a split seam and old fabrics have that softness and signs of aging that make them prettier than ever.

So after I’d got my new fabric and up-cycled buttons I went and met my mum at the Garden Centre I worked in as a kid and was blown away by the standard of greetings cards in there now. For mass produced cards they were great! With laser cut windows and really vibrant modern art mixed with soft vintage styles there was something for everyone and my mum had me being very naughty and taking photos of them for inspiration once she got home!
Mr W somehow ended up playing in two rugby games that afternoon so we went to the pub next to the marina for dinner so he could have the mixed grill (not far off a whole pig/cow/with all the trimmings) and I somehow ended up with another cake order! This one is for Wednesday so tomorrow night I’ll be in my lovely mums kitchen baking and decorating! “Something pretty” is the stipulation so I may be looking at this lady’s lovely buns on Flickr for inspiration – her cakes are to die for!! Click here for her profile

Sunday was taken up by cooking a big roast beef dinner for an old neighbour and good friend of ours, and chilling out! Perfect! The beef was awesome and the only downer was that I forgot and made the gravy with the water from the cauliflower and carrots pan so I had a little allergic reaction. DOH!! Never mind… Dinner was gooooood! I made fresh swiss roll for pudding too :o) Dead easy!!

So tonight will be taken up crafting and then tomorrow it's baking!!!
Have a good evening!

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