Friday, 4 March 2011

thirty minutes to special buns, and funny shaped balls.

It’s been a funny week really; I’ve only had a couple of flare ups and that’s almost a shock to the system now! I agreed to make a big cupcake tower for a 21st birthday have been plotting another very chocolately birthday cake for a lady who’s very loved by friends and family too!

I’ve been buying bits and bobs to put together some more very pretty butterflies this weekend (if I can get some time to myself!) to have handpainted and stitched fabric butterflies on magnets. I hope they look as great in real life as they do in my head… Dying to get on with them now!

After a visit to my mom’s last night (shorter than planned due to horrendous traffic jam on the way there) I came home and whipped up a batch of buns to thank the mum of one of our teenagers friends as she’d volunteered to drive said teenager home in the middle of the night tonight after it’s been bowling with it’s friends. Lucky escape for us!! Definitely worth cake!! I want everyone to revel in the awe-inspiring magnitude of my willpower though as I made a batch of eight buns and gave two each to Mr W and the teenager – and packed the other four! I didn’t eat a single one!!! Bet you’re impressed, right?! I might have sneaked a teeny bit of lemon buttercream but no one saw so it didn’t count. So there. :o)

Mr W is playing rugby with a bunch of 20 year olds tomorrow. I have a worrying suspicion that it’s going to end in disaster for someone. Probably not him, thank goodness, as the old experienced props know how to do the technical stuff properly, but the youngsters see the older players coming up against them and get all cocky and try and embarrass them. Bless their hearts…. He doesn’t deliberately make them leak but I suppose it can’t be helped sometimes.

While he’s playing with a funny shaped ball I get to go to the cake supplies shop – need boxes and boards! Thinking about another little cake I might do this weekend that will be fun – tell you more after the event though! Been looking through lots of everyone elses photos on flickr (you can see my profile on there – look for the little floating craft co of course – and see all my favourites! There are some amazing cakes on there that make me soooo jealous! And hungry! CLICK HERE TO SEE

Hope you have a great Friday night whatever you’re doing!

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