Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Are you a goblin kinda girl?

It’s been a great couple of weeks with some really interesting finds on Folksy, Etsy and Facebook – I love that with this age of modern technology and interaction I can sit in my boat and converse with artists from all over the world.  I wonder what the all time greats would have done differently if their heads had been constantly turned the way mine is?  Would the Brotherhood have quilted some of their paintings? Can you imagine the lady of Shallot hand painted on a giant quilt and stitched and embellished??  Hmmm… I can almost TASTE that one! Lol!  And what would they have made of photoshop and all those digital layers??

Having fallen in love at a very early age with the wonders of Tim Henson’s Dark Crystal, and the oh-so-beautiful Labyrinth I’ve definitely been influenced by the kind of mythical style and am (have been for quite some time) in the process of creating some river sprites.   There are a couple of awesome shops that have taken their own slant on this kind of character, with the most fantastic success!   

I hope that you enjoy looking through this wonderful mix of magical creatures! xxx


  1. Thanks Kirsty for putting my goblin Fidget on your page with all your other inspirering images!
    Dark Blessings, Gail

  2. My pleasure! I was so thrilled to find your page and drool over your beautiful work! I'll definately keep checking back for more.... Thanks so much, Kirsty