Monday, 28 February 2011

Sorry I'm so rubbish but can I distract you with these??

Cake POPs!

My lovely neighbour and friend, June, left me this magazine article in our postbox about cake POPS - and they are just so cute! There's massive potential for customisation and they'd be awesome for dinner parties and kids parties alike! The only problem is the amount of fridge space needed to make any kind of quantity of them so if I give them a try I will be comandeering my mums kitchen and fridge again like when I make cakes for those folks who specially want one of my creations ( I don't do cakes for customers onboard Zulu as the cats try and help and Joseph and the teenager try and get the bowl before I've finished with the cake can imagine it, can't you?)

Anyways, did I distract you from my shocking lack of posts for the last few days? The old allergy think has wreaked havoc with my energy levels and voice and I just haven't been able to think of anything happy to write and you guys don't need to hear me whinge. But before a really big flare up last night I managed to do some new cards - inspired mostly by the kind words of a customer who's boyfriend really genuinly loved the card she got for him from my folksy shop, the little floating craft co of course, and off I went!

I have some gorgeous Cath Kidston fabrics I really want to play with as well as some kind of gothy prints on a beige moleskin fabric. They'll look way better than they sound, I promise!

So we had a very quiet weekend at home - making the most of the sun when it was out (despite my husbands sudden driving need to clean the windows) and even had a very quiet drink at the pub, talking about the great boxers from history... His topic not mine, but really interesting nevertheless!
We were going to plant the teenagers purple carrot seeds but the rain came back and frightened us off. This is her very first expression of interest for actually doing something that doesn't involve facebook so we're going to embrace it wholeheartedly! Watch this space! ;o)

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