Friday, 18 February 2011

Cats and Dogs

With the end of the working week drawing near I feel like it’s kind of gotten away from me a little. I really should have done the final draft of a great tattoo by now but I made Hunters Chicken for tea last night and we had sweetcorn with it and so, instead, I spent the evening having a lovely allergic reaction. I was distracted for a little while by our German Shepherd, Joseph, though who was stood in the middle of the lounge, looking down at something then looking back up at us repeatedly. In the end Mr W got up and had a look and found that Malcolm (our youngest cat, AKA Malcolm the Destroyer) had found a mouse and brought it in to play in the warm with it. Nice.
So tonight, while Mr W is volunteering at the homeless shelter I’ll be drawing. Sorry Mr A! I will finish it, I promise! No sweetcorn and hopefully no mice tonight!
Other fun projects on the horizon include another tattoo design (did one on the hop yesterday lunchtime that I love!) and a couple more custom cards.
I think I might have a play with some sturdy meals for the family this weekend though… Beef stew with real dumplings should be good for some after-rugby building up-ness and the teenager can’t get enough dumplings (just you wait… one day you’ll be issued your ass young lady!) and then roast beef with all the trimmings on Sunday. It makes me laugh how people are afraid of cooking roast dinners – they’re one of the easiest things on earth to cook! Mind you, Mr W is now the omelette expert so he might argue the case for them instead….

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