Sunday, 20 February 2011

Everything must be straight or else the world will EXPLODE*

* Those who do not believe in the law of Straightness will not be saved!

This is the motto on my pencil case, bought for me by my old next door neighbour, Sarah, just after we moved onboard our first boat, mohawk (pictured below at our friends boat yard in Ely).

To say I was the teeniest bit uptight about tidyness was a world engulfing understatement but I've eased up lots. Living on a boat with animals and Mr W was a real education. There's a thin line between having to accept that it's never going to stay pristine and keeping a small space neat so you don't feel like the world is closing in on you and I found it tough at first. Luckily for Mr W I'm now probably a little too relaxed. As long as the kitchen is clean and it's tidy most of the time I don't worry about it. However, the teenagers boat looks like the world ended and the last bomb hit just THERE. What was a beautifully designed little liveaboard boat when she got it is just a disgusting pit now.
So she's a teenager, c'est la vie, right? No. Definately not. If you saw it you'd understand! So, guess what the teenager is doing today? Without her laptop or phone? Aren't I mean??

So while teenager sorts out her boat, I've done dishes, cleaned kitchen, hung washing, dusted lounge, and it took a staggering hour so now I can sit about and talk to you good folk before I play crafty stuff! Yay for being uptight and anal retentive! :o) So here I sit, with cup of tea number 2 (there MUST be two for the day to start right...) in my favourite mug for Sunday mornings; the chunky pink one with the polka dots, gazing at my pencil case of straightness, pondering what wavy brain pattern will announce itself this afternoon!

Hope you have a great Sunday - there might be cake later which will help our day along! :o)

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