Sunday, 6 February 2011

He just might hate it!

So I promised I'd have a bash at designing a tattoo for the husband of a lovely lady I know. I know very little about him but had a little paragraph from her with a idea of what he's like - no clue about style or use of colour etc but I formed a picture in my head almost immediately. This idea was a family tree, formed with their family name and the names of the couple themselves and their two boys. The roots of the tree would of course be mum and dad. I couldn't get the dog in there the way she mentioned as however I tried it, it just looked hoki and out of place. I hope Bruno (The cutest labradoodle ever) can forgive me.

So now I have to sit back and wait for a reaction. I will not be surprised if they don't like it as it's my take on the idea, not theirs. They might like brightly coloured retro tattoos and this one is black and white. Still, it would work with colour, without the border, with the foliage expanded...

I wish I could be patient without being in hospital... :o(

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