Saturday, 5 February 2011

Loving the worm!

So the buns came out pretty good, I think! I decided on really light lemon ones with fresh zest, and soaked in home made lemon syrup to keep them really moist. Topped off with lemon buttercream before arranging all the flowers and things I made last night. This included the cutest bookworm ever! I made these at home as they were for family (cakes for customers get made at mums animal-free-home) and unfortunately Malcolm (kitty no.2) decided that I needed supervising. He stayed at a safe distance though so I didn't feel it necessary to kick him out - until I made the mistake of putting a rose petal down for a moment to get some more lustre dust out and I saw this small black paw come out of nowere and swipe it! Malcolm was unceremoniously thrown out of the boat (land side not water side - I wasn't THAT cross!) before binning the afore mentioned petal and starting that one off again...

Once the buns were packed up I embosed and distressed a gift tag and added some pearls to finish it all off with a bit of glamour!
Hopefully these will go down well with my fab inlaws!!

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