Friday, 18 February 2011

I'm late, I'm late...

So you might have noticed that my earlier post today was written yesterday... Sorry it was late! It was a busy busy day!
I managed to get the third draft of my tree tattoo commission done, complete a butterfly tattoo design and still had time to make dinner for myself and the teenager while Mr W was volunteering at the shelter so it was a good evening. I did have a BIT of a hiccup when I found out that Mr W's new office chair brought out an allergic reaction (STRONG smell of glue still present from its time in its box...) but I got over it and carried on drawing!

Tonight will be about the ritual trip to Ely Waterfront for fish and chips as the teenager celebrates half term from sixth form and we celebrate it being the weekend. Hopefully draft number 4 of the tree tattoo will be finished tonight and that will be done and dusted (fingers crossed! Going off trees now...! lol!) and I can start tattoo commission number 3 for the lovely Mrs D. Going to have to get my floral head on! ;o)

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