Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Taj Mahal is made of poo...

So tonight is our local (it's right next door to the marina) pubs monthly quiz night. Some friends from our old marina are coming out to play and it sounds like it should be a good night. I'm hoping that my allergy issues aren't going to have me projectile vomiting across our table over my team mates but they have been justly warned that this is a possiblity.
We do like a good quiz night but I tend to be there more in a supervisory capacity, mostly as the one that writes things down because, truth be told, I know NOTHING. Honestly.If you tested me on general knowledge I'd fail absolutely. Unless of course it was a very specific general knowledge test with questions about lets say, Indian Embroidery techniques (particularly shishadur) or perhaps the required internal structure for building a four tier wedding cake, or maybe how best to achieve a mottled effect when silk painting. Alas, these kind of questions just never seem to come up. I think the quiz writers must have very narrow and dull lives. It's all geography and politics. Yuck. Bugger that. Occassionally I get a good question about music and I can answer it but normally I just write my teams answers down, nice and neat.

A few years ago when the kids came to stay during one hot and balmy summer holiday we'd noticed that there was a pub quiz on at a family friendly pub in Cambridge so we took them along. The kids seemed to really enjoy it and we were all actually answering questions. Then came one we weren't entirely sure about.

Silence in the room.

"What is the Taj Mahal made of?"




"We did this in History" pipes up teenager 1

Excellent, we think.

"It's made of manure, like they used to make things in the olden days"....

Surprisingly we didn't win that night but we will remember it for ever! :o)

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