Friday, 11 February 2011

Mr Tumble is god!

I've been researching for a cake I'm doing this weekend for a very cool little man's second birthday. He HAS to have Mr Tumble. NOT having Mr Tumble is NOT an option. OK. As I'm 35 and don't have any ickle stompy people myself I wasn't aware either of WHO Mr Tumble was, or of his enormous social standing. Mr Tumble is a god! He is worshipped by ickle stompies far and indeed wide. Did YOU know?? I feel quite left out now that I'd been totally bypassed by this genius with stripy trousers and red nose. Having watched some clips on cbeebies I now know how to paint flowers without a brush though so the research has been well worth the while! All jokes aside, the kids do really seem to love this guy and he is raising awareness for sign language as well which is pretty awesome.

Even now I'm not one hundred percent sure what exactly I'm going to do for this cake but this is so often the way... Once I start molding the fondant inspiration hits like a lightening bolt and it all falls into place nicely.

I'll post pictures tomorrow, so check back if you want to see!

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