Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Everyone wants a tattoo!

It's really strange - since I started my folksy.com shop, the little floating craft co, all of a sudden everyone wants a tattoo design?!
This is something I used to do a fair bit of but it makes me really nervous. It's a huge deal to produce something that a person loves so much that they want to commit to keeping it for as long as they live... I'm feeling the pressure a little but I'm really touched that these lovely folks are confident that I might be able to achieve that kind of thing for them. We're on draft 2 of John's tattoo now (I'm not showing you pictures yet!) and I have a much better idea of what he's after now which should help!

At this point though I'm needing to focus more on a cake I'm booked to do this weekend for a special young man's 2nd birthday. Mr Tumble is what is called for, and Mr Tumble is what he shall have! I'm trying to decide what style is going to have the most impact now though... hmm..... Oh well...

And on top of that, our wonderful friends had their baby! CONGRATULATIONS GUYS!! I can't wait to see photos and I really need to make a special card but my illness (I'm sort of kinda allergic to myself... ) is bossing me about this week and I just can't do anything that involves moving more than my fingers tonight. Fingers crossed it back off a bit for the weekend so I can give this cake all I've got!

So tomorrow is humpday! Is it just me or is this week going really slowly?

Anyways, roast pork dinner is done and dusted and now I'm watching Planet 51 for some intellectual inspiration ;o) G'nite folks!

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