Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Still upright!

Well I've made it to lunchtime and although no one can understand a word I'm saying I haven't passed out so it's all good! :o)
My lovely husband kept an eye on me at the quiz last night and he didn't think I was entirely "present" although I did actually answer a couple of questions! We managed to come second from last and were rather disappointed to have narrowly missed out on the booby prize by just two tiny points. Humph.
I was told that I sounded like "one of those special needs people" as when I have a reaction my throat kind of closes up as my tongue swells and I sound very gravelly and have trouble pronouncing things. As I'm on my own in the office this morning it's making it really interesting when I get a call!

Still, I'm hoping I manage to stay out of hospital at least til around 10pm as my awesome hairdresser, Jodie, is coming over to sort out my abandoned-sheep-dog look. I'm starting to think all the anti allergy drugs have some kind of hair-growth side effect (luckily not facial hair etc!) as it's growing like mad! Praps they should market it to that effect? Bonus funding and all that...!lol! I've cancelled dinner with an old school friend for tomorrow night that I was really looking forward to as there is just no chance I'm going to be 1) moving around 2) not projectile vomiting (hope you're not eating while reading this!) 2) capable of congnitive speech. Great. C'est la vie, right?

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